A Wide Selection of International and
National Products

Our Curated Products

We carry selected international and national-brand products. From beverage, ready to consume food and snacks, instant noodles, healthy rice to health and body care products; we offer and curate the unique good selling products to support your business and please your customers.


Cimory Milk & Yogurt

The goodness of milk and yogurt from nature for you

G7 Instant Coffee

First instant coffee from Vietnam that is extracted from selected coffee beans


The freshness of quality tea with modern processing, producing the best drinks


A gift for smart moms, Mamasuka's kitchen ingredients

Ready To Consume


Banana Crunch distributed by PT. MyFood


Inko Gim Snack is a crispy roll seaweed product that is delicious and tasty for snack

Unidos Macaroni

Delicious Macaroni Snacks with tempting spices

Mamasuka Delisaos

Practical sauce with authentic taste

Mamasuka Food Service

The right choice for your business needs. starting from hotels, restaurants, cafes, catering, etc

Balian Water

BALIAN is 100% natural purity. Bali's first certified Natural Mineral Water. Sourced and bottled at spring on the slope of Mount Agung.?

FN Beverage

is a brand of isotonic sports drink manufactured by Fraser and Neave Limited, a global food and beverage conglomerate headquartered in Singapore.


Beras Originaru

Premium rice distributed by PT. MyFood

Minyak Jagung KIE Healthy Cooking Oil

Healthy cooking oil distributed by PT. MyFood

Segye Korea Ramyun

Mie Korea Ramyun by PT. MyFood.

Fiber Creme

Multipurpose Creamer High in Fiber


Delicious Tomato Pasta with an authentic taste

Arak Masak Gu Yue Long Shan ShaoXing Wine

Arak Masak / Angciu, It contains 18% alcohol ONLY FOR COOKING