Accuracy, creativity, variety of products, and passion. That is us.

Get to know about MyFood

Since its establishment in 2009, MyFood Indonesia has grown to become one of the leading food distributors for quality products.

Based in Surabaya, MyFood Indonesia currently operates in modern offices and warehouses. We have 2 warehouses consisting of a storage room for dry food & a cooler room

MyFood's extensive network of leading hotels, restaurants, caterers, supermarkets and retail stores has driven significant growth for brands in the industry. Driven by our passion for quality products, we are constantly looking for the best local and imported products from prestigious principals.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team in sales, marketing, administration and logistics are ready to provide the highest level of service to customers

Our Vision

MyFood to be a nation-leading food and beverage distributor company offering unique, healthy and out of the ordinary products in a large scale. We build relationships with our principals, producers, agents, distributors, direct consumers to create sustainable flow of request and demand in various segments.

Our Mission

At MyFood, Customer is King. Our mission is to offer our customers with the highest-quality food and beverage products. To do this,

MyFood strives for hard work, innovation, passion, integrity of our employees, and a deep commitment to creating a sustainable business.

What Sets MyFood Apart From Others


The best relationships are founded on honesty, trust, and respect. We say what we will do, and then we do it.

War Mentality

We play fair, but never lose sight of the goal to win. With that in mind, we execute our plans and strategies with focus, commitment, and passion.

Customer is King

Our customers come first. We’re driven to exceed their expectations by listening, leading, solving problems, and delivering what we promise.