Accuracy, creativity, variety of products, and passion. That is us.

Get to know about MyFood

PT. MyFood Indonesia has been operating since 2015 with its head office in Surabaya. We have grown to become one of the food distributor companies with a coverage area of East Java and are trusted by several major principals to distribute their quality products. PT. MyFood Indonesia has three modern warehouses located in strategic locations equipped with a storage room for dry food and a cooler room for items that require special storage.

Our distribution network includes hotels, restaurants, caterers, institutions, frozen food, tobaku, modern local markets and traditional retail stores, etc. which has boosted the business growth of PT. MyFood Indonesia.

Our Vision

The focus of the even distribution of points in East Java. Service consistency, product distribution and customer satisfaction are our priorities

Our Mission

1. Build a wide storehouse coverage in East Java

2. Continue to innovate in implementing systems and technology for operational effectiveness

3. Develop human resources to build a skilled and professional workforce.

What Sets MyFood Apart From Others


Maintain good relationship with principals and consumers based on honesty, trust and respect. We are highly committed to serving our customers and partners (principals).


Solid teamwork to achieve common goals by having mutual trust and synergy

Customer is King

Customers are our top priority. We provide the best service by listening, paying attention and carrying out commitments.